Welcome to Istria 2.0!Edit

Istria 2.0 is a new Wikia for players of "deuterocanonical" and "apochryphal" Istria campaigns! We are an open website dedicated to providing a history of the Istrian campaign setting for use in D&D campaigns of any edition. Please feel free to use this information for use in your campaigns, and we welcome any and all edits that do not directly contradict or conflict with existing canon.

Version Compatibility with Historical ErasEdit

Our goal is to be a site that provides a core, editable foundation for an open-source D&D setting that spans all editions.  To further that end, and to help us flesh out the history of our world, we please ask the following:

  • Depending upon which edition of D&D you use for your campaigns, please slot your setting into its corresponding historical period.  So...
    • Original D&D and AD&D campagins should please be set in the First Age of Istria. 
    • AD&D, 2nd Edition campaigns should please be set in the Second Age of Istria. 
    • 3rd Edition, 3.5, and Pathfinder campaigns should please be set in the Third Age of Istria.
    • 4e campaigns should please be set in the Dark Age of Istria. 
    • D&D Next should please be set in the Fourth Age of Istria. 

Latest activityEdit

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